Support SK Brann in their struggle for freedom of expression

– How UEFA operates to limit the freedom of expression of European football supporters
During the 2023-24 UEFA Women’s Champions League, Sportsklubben Brann from Norway was fined EUR 5000, twice, for chants of “UEFA mafia” during two games. This is not only a severe limitation of supporter’s freedom of expression, but an attack on the core of supporter culture – a culture UEFA’s governing bodies do not seem to care about, nor understand.
Efforts by UEFA to discipline and silence normal supporters’ behavior during football matches is nothing new. Neither is their policy of punishments for supporter chants well within the freedom of speech. What is new, is that a football club – Sportsklubben Brann from Bergen, Norway – refuses to accept such a punishment, and has decided to take this decision all the way to the International Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS). The financial risk of taking legal action against UEFA is considerable. We therefore strongly encourage fellow football supporters all over Europe, to contribute to covering the legal costs for the club
The fact that SK Brann refuses to comply is not only an act of solidarity with the club, and their fans. This is important for football supporters across the European continent.
Sanctioning chants like “UEFA mafia” reveal a lack of common sense. Even worse, the punishment is given due to an alleged breach of the guidelines that that are intended to protect groups and individuals from threats, harassment, and discrimination. When UEFA puts itself on a par with those who need and deserve such protection, they undermine their own purpose. In this case, it is UEFA, not the supporters, who behave in a way that is ‘provocative and offensive’.
This is a supporter initiative, and the fundraising campaign is not affiliated with SK Brann. The funds raised will be used exclusively for covering costs related to the CAS-case, which is expected to be held in the summer and fall of 2024. Should the funds raised exceed the legal costs, the remaining amount will be given to PEN, a global organization fighting for freedom of expression.

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